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Fact^ Good Friday 2019 Date, Bank Holiday, Meaning & History

Good Friday 2019 Date / Holiday – Christian community people across the globe observe the holy day of Good Friday on the Friday before the spring festival of Easter Sunday. According to the Christian bible, the occasional festivity of Good Friday observes the death, passion, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The day is formally known as a solemn and general air of sadness which felt in various towns and villages all over the globe.

Below, we have compiled a full information about Good Friday meaning, history and facts.

Good Friday 2019 Date

Many of you might be looking for When is Good Friday 2019, right? Then in this on-going year, the beautiful holiday of Good Friday 2019 Date will be observed on Friday, 30th of March. Being a catholic or Christians you should showcase your huge honor, and respect about the pious holiday and meanwhile admire the sacrifices made by the Jesus Christ solely for the betterment of humankind. Feel free to celebrate the peaceful season of Good Friday with the utmost of good cheer, happiness, and enthusiasm.

Good Friday 2018

Good Friday 2019

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Is Good Friday a Bank Holiday | Good Friday Bank Holiday

It is said that the Friday before Easter Sunday associated with the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ is known all across the world as Good Friday. This special day is remembered as one of the grave days that signify excruciating torture and pain that led to Jesus Christ last breath. But, many people probably pondering upon is Good Friday a Bank Holiday? Are Banks Open on Good Friday?

Then, let us tell you that, yes, Good Friday is observed as bank holiday in several parts of the world.  While, many banks are open on the event of Good Friday.

Good Friday

Good Friday

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Why It is Called Good Friday? | Good Friday Meaning

Are you searching for Good Friday Meaning and What Happened on Good Friday? So, explore our article to find out detailed information.

There are several theories that justify this Good Friday in positive terms. One theory is suggested that “Good” in Good Friday comes from the word called “God”.

Another theory represents that “Good” is mainly refers to holy. Several Christian community people are perceived referring to this eve as “The Great Friday”. On the other hand, some regions of the world also named this day as “The Black Friday”, “Long Friday “or “The Sorrowful Friday”.

It is considered to be one of the oldest Christian holidays that have been observed since 100 CE. Various Christian nations enjoy a public holiday on Good Friday. However, Good Friday is not treated as a federal holiday in the USA.

Most Christians are expected to keep a fast and bear a little pain on this holy day. Traditionally, on this day, various events, worship services, prayers are observed across the world. Even covering statues Jesus ‘and idols with black cloth & creating an atmosphere of bareness by removing flowers, decorative pieces as well as shining objects are some of the rituals followed on the Good Friday.

Good Friday

Good Friday

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Good Friday History & Facts

Explore the following section to know more about Good Friday History & some interesting facts.

According to the Christian belief, the Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for the sins of the entire universe. That’s why, some Christian stay fasting as well as meditating throughout the day in order to show the agony and pain that they feel due to Jesus was hanged on the cross and nailed & then left to die there. But most of the Christians told that the ‘good’ about the holy season of Good Friday is the hope of resurrection & also new life which was showered on Jesus Christ from the Almighty.

Good Friday is one of the most crucial moments in lives of Christians’ and also has great traditional significance. Jesus sacrificed his life for helping human beings to get rid of the sins which separate them from the Lord. Thus, it is believed that this was the time when Christian people lost hope. But, when Jesus rose from death very soon, it created hope and anticipation in everyone’s mind and heart.

Good Friday History

Good Friday History

Here are some fascinating Facts about Good Friday.

  • As per the Oxford University, the original day of Jesus Christ crucifixion was April 3rd, 33AD. They also stated that the crucifixion observed during the Jewish Festival, Passover.
  • Some experts believe that Jesus was crucified with nails driven into his wrist & not hands because humans are able to bear their own weight within the wrists. If he was nailed only in his hands, then he would have fallen to the ground.
  • There is a service called ‘Tenebrae’, which is organizing on Good Friday. It is mainly focus on understanding the stories that tell Jesus’ capture, trial, assault, & crucifixion.
  • Another ritual, named as ‘Tre Ore’ which is a 3 hour service that runs from noon to 3 p.m.; is said to be the time of Jesus’ death. It marks the last seven sentences that Jesus claimed before his death.
  • The 40 day period of Lent which is known as the holy fast ends on the day of Good Friday.
  • Many Good Friday services end with the church bell that almost 33 times ringing for each year of Jesus Christ’s earthly life.

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